Hi, I’m Vanessa Torre. Welcome to my Medium page.

In the hundreds of personal essays I’ve written, you’ll read about my experiences with dating and relationships, navigating life changes, and overcoming obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned, that you might find a point of connection or even inspiration. Our stories weave us together as humans into a glorious and remarkable tapestry. Life is big. And messy. And hard. And beautiful. Let’s navigate this thing together, shall we?

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In addition to writing on Medium, I host a podcast called I Hadn’t Considered That, where I share unique and inspiring stories, combined with helpful and needed information, about life at middle age that will make you feel more connected to yourself and life in ways you hadn’t yet considered. Until now.

You can listen to current episodes of I Hadn’t Considered That on Meeting in the Middle. Paid subscribers to Meeting in the Middle gain access to all podcast episodes + twice weekly essays about dating, singlehood, relationships, and life at middle age + the ability to comment on essays and engage with other members of the community. Join me over on Meeting in the Middle.

I also publish a free newsletter called Late to My Own Party where I explore late diagnosis ADHD.

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Vanessa Torre

Vanessa Torre


Top 10 feminist writer. Host of I Hadn’t Considered That, writing about midlife on Meeting in the Middle & ADHD on Late to My Own Party. linktr.ee/Vanessaltorre