What My Social Media Feed Taught Me About Manifesting

How I inadvertently turned the tables on social media manipulation.

Vanessa Torre


Photo by Kerde Severin via Pexels

There have been a couple of things of which I am certain: 1) Social media will freak me out with their weird Jedi mind tricks and the ads they push in front of me. 2) Those ads have rarely ever made me feel happy about life.

That is, until now.

Recently, however, it seems I broke through some bizarre wrinkle in the social media continuum and have wrestled this beast into submission. Oddly, I had no idea I was doing it. It’s like David slaying Goliath by accidentally tripping him.

A few days ago, I realized how I did it and I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

The impetus

After my last relationship came to an end early in the summer, I didn't have it in me to date. I felt absolutely no desire. There was no emotion driving the decision. No anger, no resentment, no bitterness. There was just apathy. I am smart enough of a woman to know that doing anything that you can’t even bring yourself to for “meh” about is a losing proposition.

So, I set about just doing other things. Turned out that the other things were really freaking awesome. I went out of town four times in six weeks. I read a 400+ page book in three days. I backed a camper in a monsoon downpour by myself. I decided to let my hair go gray. With that came the decision to start wearing bright lipstick I was always too scared to wear.

I caught a really big mahi-mahi 18 miles out in the Pacific with my dad. I landed my first freelance client. I gained six pounds eating and drinking all of the things because there was so much good stuff to eat and drink.

I spent six weeks in Eat, Pray, Love mode. There was just no loving and no praying. The no loving part was the game changer. It’s how I broke the system.

The process

We all know how social media apps work. They track every single thing you Google and every page you look at on your phone. They take this data and send it back to you whatever they think you are…



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