There’s No Such Thing as Drama Free Dating

Everyone has it, even if they don’t want it or admit it.

Photo via Pexels

No one’s interested in coming home and finding their pet rabbit in a boiling pot. I get it. Everyone gets it.

Do we even need to make such proclamations then? I don’t know a whole laundry list of people that are lining up hoping that someone is going to come into their lives and stir the pot. Google all of their ex-boyfriends or their ex-wife and send them messages on social media. That’s drama. That’s legit crazy shit.

Photo by Averie Woodard via Unsplash

People who want to live in a land without drama aren’t living in reality. That land does not exist. Because real life is fraught with drama. Wheels fall off. Hard times come. Emotions are real.

Supporting people through everyday rough patches is a part of living a compassionate life. Denying such compassion results in pain. This, in turn, results in…drama. It’s enough to make a people crazy or least feel that way.

Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum via Unsplash

We can’t shame people into living a life without drama. It just doesn’t work that way.

We’re doing a disservice to ourselves and to others to act like we don’t have feelings. We can’t just bury them down out of fear that they won’t be accepted or we won’t be loved because of them. All of that has to go somewhere or it explodes.

If this was your cup of tea, you might want to steep these ones in your favorite cup:

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