The Seemingly Pointless Activity Saving My Sanity

It may be an exercise in futility but I’m doing it anyway.

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Photo by Porapak Apichodilok via Pexels

I love to travel but there are two parts to me that anyone who has been on vacation with me gets to understand quickly. There is Vanessa Who Plans Vacations and then there is Vacation Vanessa.

They are two very different people.

The fact that I can’t actually go anywhere isn't curbing my desire to see new things and be in interesting places. It’s increasing it. I have to do something or I’ll go mad.

One of my vacations I’m planning is back to Zihuatanejo where I can sit in a chair in the sand of Playa Las Gatas waiting for the boats to come in and show me what they just brought out of the ocean to be my lunch for the day. I want to show up early and eat fruit I’ve never had before for breakfast.

The moment I start to feel down, I open a browser window and a Google Document and I immediately feel better.

Reading people’s reviews of restaurants, hotels, or shops in far off places transports me there. I get to live vicariously through them for a short time. I see the world through other people’s eyes when I can’t see it for myself through mine.

Flaming pinball, nerd, music lover, wine snob, horrible violin player. No, I won’t stop taking pictures of my drinks. IG: vanessaltorre

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