That’s not at all what I’m saying. Equality is not pushing one group down in order to lift another one up. But, what everyone here is responding to is someone’s perception that men are not being curated as much as women because of a gender bias. There are no facts to support this.

It doesn’t mean that your feelings or Michael’s are not valid. If you feel discriminated, that is perfectly valid.

I have not seen any data to support that men are being discriminated against. I’d be very interested in something that supports that. As I write in Feminism a lot, I am frequently asked to support my statements, which I do solid research on. When something is based solely in my opinion, I note that.

If you really want to crack open a discussion about gender, let’s talk about why so few men are writing about life experience, feelings, relationships and sex. There are several that do it incredibly well. I also know a lot of women who write in these topics and never get curated. Ever. No one is entitled to curation.

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