THANK YOU, Doug, for asking the question. I think a lot of people have the same one.

No. If I am 28 weeks pregnant I can’t just go to my doctor and say, “Yeah, I changed my mind.” That’s not how it works and not what it’s about.

There are times when continuing to carry the baby is not a option for a couple reasons: It threatens the life or health of the mother or the baby will not survive.

I know a women who had a baby stop developing as it should. She found out at 24 weeks something had gone very wrong. After waiting to see if development would improve, all the tests, and all the follow up, and the time it took her to have someone available for the procedure, she was at 31 weeks when she terminated the pregnancy. The entire procedure and experience was unbelievably traumatic. Especially since she had to travel to another state to have it done. But, her baby would never have survived. It would have lived a few hours. After the emotional trauma of the pregnancy to ask a woman who has just delivered to sit and watch her baby die horrifies me.

Not everyone has a dream pregnancy. It is extremely rare. Very rare, but it does happen, that continuing to carry the baby and the going through the medical procedure to deliver a baby (vaginally or c-section) could cause bleeding or trauma to organs, shutting them down, that would after the life and safety of the mother.

I am no expect but I have read A LOT. I have very passionate about this and feel it is my duty to know all I can. Thank you, again, for asking the question!

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