So let’s break this down. My entire intent was to display one incident and note it as privilege. It was not to note all incidents and all people. It was specific and for good reason. It was address to those who deny privilege exists. I gave one example. I could give others but that was not the point.

Next, that could have been an idiot. I dont believe that was the case. Many men I have talked to about this have noted, “I never think someone will drug me.” The majority of the men I talk to. I do not think this man was a fluke.

We educate women as to these risks because violence towards them is VERY real. We teach women to be careful of men. But when people tell men not to act like predatory assholes, they come unhinged.

Yes, when you take all violent crimes into account, men are 6% more likely to be victim based on statistical data based on reported crimes per the Department of Justice. Throw that completely out the window when you consider how many women never report what happens to them. The answer is 23%.

Your examples are ludicrous. Women do not have the privilege of not working dangerous job. Women no longer have the privilege of avoiding the draft. That was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. No woman has the privilege of living longer. Just like most men don’t have the privilege of being stronger. That’s just science doing its thing.

Look, I have NEVER said female privilege doesn’t exist. It absolutely does. There may be women who disagree just like there are men that disagree that male privilege exists. Arguing either one doesn’t exist is ignorant, not me.

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