No One Hates America. Can We Calm Down?

Because no one has that kind of time and energy.

Photo by Raúl Nájera via Unsplash

It begs the question: Who the hell has that kind of time? Moreover, who is really that subversive? And why do we care?

No one is an authority on hatred of the United States.

Hatred is a powerful emotion and we have no right to assign that to someone else’s feelings.

Photo via Anthony Garand via Unsplash

Our values, as Americans, are not connected to patriotism in a cut and dry manner.

For the life of me, I can’t connect the dots between being a God-fearing Christian and a patriot. I don’t get it.

We don’t get to determine which group of people it is more acceptable to disenfranchise.

If condemning an entire group of people in light of what few have done is an American thing to do, I would be happy to move my tequila sipping activities south of the border as I don’t want to be associated with that craziness.

Photo by Samuel Schneider via Unsplash

Being elected to congress is not an easy feat.

I mean, I hate tomatoes and have to find the energy to pick them off my cheeseburger. It feels like effort. Congress? Oh god…

It’s an image they have created in their mind as to what America looks and feels like and any disavowment or contradiction to what their definition of patriotism is can’t stand. That, right there, is the problem.

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