No One Hates America. Can We Calm Down?

Because no one has that kind of time and energy.

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Ilhan Omar hates America. Donald Trump hates America. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hates America. Everyone hates America.

No one hates America. Full stop. People just disagree. Disagreeing on values and philosophies does not signify the end of the world.

In the last few weeks, I have seen and heard comments listing a whole myriad of people others consider “enemies of the state.” These people are noted as wanting to intentionally bring the fall of the United States of America.

It begs the question: Who the hell has that kind of time? Moreover, who is really that subversive? And why do we care?

No one is an authority on hatred of the United States.

Well, I am sure there is someone sitting in a tweed jacket at Harvard that is, actually, an expert in this field. But us laymen? Not so much.

Hatred is a powerful emotion and we have no right to assign that to someone else’s feelings.

I have learned a valuable lesson in never asking a question to which you don’t want the actual answer. Moreover, it’s best to know the answer first. Research really isn’t hard. I don’t know why more people don’t do it.

After I did about an hour’s worth of research on Ilhan Omar, I asked someone, who specifically mentioned her, why they thought she hated America. I decided to dig in. Forget leaning in, I grabbed a shovel.

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Our values, as Americans, are not connected to patriotism in a cut and dry manner.

The gentleman answered me back that Omar was hell bent on “destroying the Judeo Christian values our country was founded on.”

For the life of me, I can’t connect the dots between being a God-fearing Christian and a patriot. I don’t get it.

The fellow had clearly confused those escaping religious persecution (the Pilgrims) with those founding our country (the Colonists.) He had also lost the fact the our government was established to protect us from greed and tyranny. I’m not going to even get into our current state of greed and tyranny.

We don’t get to determine which group of people it is more acceptable to disenfranchise.

No one is going to argue that 9/11 wasn’t a tragedy. That’s just crazy talk. But, drawing to light the number of Muslims in our country that have been victimized simply for being perceived as a part of a radical group is important, too.

If condemning an entire group of people in light of what few have done is an American thing to do, I would be happy to move my tequila sipping activities south of the border as I don’t want to be associated with that craziness.

I understand the sacrifices members of the military make. I appreciate that they do a job few want to do. I’m not alone in that. But, you can’t make a public outcry about disrespect for one group of people while blindly allowing the disrespect of others. It doesn’t work that way.

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Being elected to congress is not an easy feat.

I can’t imagine someone spending their time and money and committing over a year of their life to a campaign for congress in the off chance that they could dismantle our entire government during their term. If they win. All in the name of hating the country they sought election to serve?

Just stop a second and think about that. Really think about that. Let it sink in.

I mean, I hate tomatoes and have to find the energy to pick them off my cheeseburger. It feels like effort. Congress? Oh god…

In a conversation with a friend, we agreed that the inherent problem with perceived hatred of the United States is that people randomly define what patriotism looks like. No rhyme or reason. ‘Merica.

It’s an image they have created in their mind as to what America looks and feels like and any disavowment or contradiction to what their definition of patriotism is can’t stand. That, right there, is the problem.

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