How To Translate Passive Aggressive Job Ads

What they say vs. what they really mean

Photo by Nik MacMillan via Unsplash

What fresh hell is happening out there in the workforce? Sweet Baby Jesus. Have all job ad writers been trained in passive aggression?

“Young, vibrant, fastpaced workplace.”

“These positions are perfect for college grads or those just hungry for the opportunity to prove themselves in a new career.”

“You’re keen on turning training and feedback into action and continuous self-improvement- you don’t take rejection personally.”

“Access to fully stocked kitchens.”

Photo via Unsplash

“If it’s unauthentic and boring you can bet it’s not happening at X company.”

“We are looking for upbeat, positive people who are money-motivated and want a fun, competitive work environment.”

“If you are not AFRAID of hard work and want to make $200k or more next 12 months with NO previous experience, we are the company for you.”

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