How To Be the High Point in Someone’s Day

The enormous power we have as just one person

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Everywhere we go, every person we encounter, we have a choice: we can either make their day or ruin it entirely.

Right now, I’m spending a solid amount of time volunteering for several political campaigns. Because of a worldwide pandemic, it means I can’t go knocking on someone’s door to remind them to mail back their ballot.

All we need to do to be the high point of someone’s day is to be kind. That’s it. We are interacting with another human being. We may have no idea what is happening in their life but everyone wants and needs kindness.

Everyone knows how to be kind. Sometimes, though, we just forget. We’re in a hurry. We’re mad at something that happened three hours before that is unrelated to what we’re doing now and who we’re talking to. We’re tired.

If you have a chance to be the high point or low point of someone’s day and you don’t choose that path of goodness, there is something severely wrong with you and you need to reevaluate your existence.

I walked up and smiled at the teller. I told her I needed to make my car payment and handed her the written out check with the account number on it and my ID. She just looked at me.

Flaming pinball, nerd, music lover, wine snob, horrible violin player. No, I won’t stop taking pictures of my drinks. IG: vanessaltorre

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