Forgiveness Is a Gift, But Does It Need to Be Spoken?

Who is owed what isn’t always clear.

Photo by twinsfisch via Unsplash

For me, forgiveness tends to be a quiet, solitary act. It often takes me a while to get there and when I do it’s from a road I’ve paved with my own soul searching that had little to do with any words or actions on the part of the forgiven.

When remorse steps in, it changes the landscape. It’s one thing to offer forgiveness. It’s another to seek it out.

Photo by Gus Moretta via Unsplash

Forgiveness is for the forgiven, not the forgiver. Once we get to the point of letting go of something, we should do just that. We’ve done our part. What happens next should have no bearing on how we feel about it anymore.

Flaming pinball, nerd, music lover, wine snob, horrible violin player. No, I won’t stop taking pictures of my drinks. IG: vanessaltorre

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