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  • Adil Nefnifi

    Adil Nefnifi

    hi, entrepeneur from Belgium. I love to write big posts and whitepapers for projects. I decided to come on medium and publish a few blogs or writing articles.

  • Hanna Brooks Olsen

    Hanna Brooks Olsen

    I wrote that one thing you didn’t really agree with. Interests include progressive policy, minor league baseball, and avoiding Zoom calls. Curious to a fault.

  • Jennifer Barnett

    Jennifer Barnett

    Former managing editor of The Atlantic, Teen Vogue, Redbook, and Elle. Now I’m writing. Expat in Amsterdam.

  • Nkeonye Judith Izuka

    Nkeonye Judith Izuka

    A physician, lifelong writer, currently in d mental health space, ESFJ. Find me@https://vocal.media/authors/nkeonye-judith-izuka &https://twitter.com/kokoizuka

  • Tina Morlock

    Tina Morlock

    Copywriter, editor, and ghostwriter.

  • Gaby Rogut

    Gaby Rogut

    Jack of all trades, mistress of poetry. 🇲🇽. Careful…things get kinky around here sometimes. Want my feedback? Go to https://www.patreon.com/musingabout

  • Arlene Ambrose

    Arlene Ambrose

    I write for women who are finding the confidence to be who they really are. www.arleneambrose.ca

  • Judith Valentijn

    Judith Valentijn

    Failing forward. Writer. Psychology student. Certified Non-Duality Coach. Reluctant marketer. Reach out: judith.valentijn@gmail.com

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