A Clear Sign Our Country Needs Saving

What happened when I asked people one simple question.

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I’ve been listening to people talk. Part of my inherent nature is to look for commonalities in people no matter how differently we may think. Let’s face it, as a country, the United States is fractured and divided. We’re angry. We’re arguing. Finding a common thread helps me feel like we may be more connected than we think. I found the common thread.

I put out one simple question on various social media platforms after having noticed something interesting happening. I wanted to see if what my gut was telling me was right. I made sure I asked the question is the broadest of terms.

In no particular order, the most commonly mentioned issues were:

  • Education
  • Tax Reform
  • Justice Reform
  • Healthcare
  • National Debt Crisis
  • Civil Rights
  • Environment

The responses were given by folks of varying backgrounds and party affiliations. In thoughts offered up, though how people felt about the issues may have been different, the concerns were shared. Something must be done.

Here’s what I found interesting: every single issue that was raised was a domestic issue. It’s our own. It stems from us. The common thread I saw, that my gut told me existed, was that we are broken and we need to get our house together.

Not one single comment was made regarding any kind of foreign policy. Not our involvement in the UN, not a potential war with Iran, not Israel or North Korea. Military spending was not mentioned one time.

It’s indicative that we are in agreement that we have problems and we need to focus on fixing them first before we fix any else’s.

It surprised me, especially given that I live in a border state where many of the people who commented also live, that immigration only came up once. As we lead the world in COVID-19 cases, particularly in California, Arizona, and Texas perhaps the idea of masses flocking to our borders in order to find a better life is not as much of a threat to us now as it once was.

It will be interesting what comes of this in the coming months. Does a hyper-focus on our own internal issue leave us vulnerable to threats from outside of the country? It’s not uncommon in any system or organization, governmental or otherwise, for issues to grow in one area why we give another our full attention.

Additionally, what effect is this going to have on our election? Our president has spent quite a bit of time on foreign affairs in the last three years while we disintegrated domestically. It can’t help his chances for re-election if we’re trying to climb out of a hole we’ve dug ourselves into.

The biggest question I have is whether this need to fix ourselves will unify us or tear us further apart. We seem to agree that our education system is broken. If we focus more on arguing our ground without budging on private vs. public education and how we fund schools, we’re not going to get a single thing done. Our children will still grow up with subpar educational experiences.

We want action. We want the needle to move. We want change. It may be time we took a look at countries that are not falling apart at the seams to figure out where we went wrong and what we could do better.

I’m concerned we may not be able to put aside our egos so that we can recognize there are others that have better policies than we do. We don’t necessarily need to recreate the wheel in order to fix our issues. Solid, functioning wheels exist.

It’s clear that we’re no longer this great world powerhouse, not when our biggest threat to us is us. We have to give up the idea that we’re an unstoppable force, especially when we’re heading toward an immovable wall. Our reality is that we have to be better. We have no choice. Anything else is ruination.

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